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Our individualized treatment program assesses the underlying problems of your addiction.

Residential Treatment (RTC)

For most people with an addiction a residential treatment center is the best way to begin a recovery program as there can be psychological aspects, physical damage and discomfort and other social issues that need to be taken into account as part of the treatment protocol. Here at Path to Serenity we understand that and one of the key reasons people who try various forms of treatment often fail is that they are still in the setting that they became addicted in the first place. They are still seeing their addicted friends, or experiencing an unhealthy family situation that often played a part in their substance abuse problem. By coming into a residential treatment center you remove the addict from the current living situation so that he, or she, can focus 24/7 on recovery without any distractions. Following a complete assessment of your condition, we’ll recommend a personalized treatment program and therapies including one-on-one sessions, group sessions, sessions for the family, sand tray therapy, exercise, meditation, yoga, and mindfulness training, among others. All with a focus on helping you understand why, and how, you became addicted, and how not to relapse when you leave. If you’re looking for a residential treatment center with a treatment program geared specifically for women, then call us today for more information or to get started on reclaiming your life.

Partial Hospitalization (PHP)

The partial hospitalization program is a structured program for patients who are not severe enough to require inpatient hospitalization, but need more structure than just outpatient. Therapy. The program is designed to facilitate a patients return to their maximum level of independence using group therapy focused on coping skills, cognitive behavior, life skills, medication education, stress management and interpersonal skills. Most patients participate three to five days per week and often for up to six weeks in group therapy. The groups are facilitated by experienced, licensed clinical therapists, registered nurses and music/art therapists. Partial hospitalization allows patients to return home at the end of each day. Once home, patients can practice the skills and tools they have learned in therapy, knowing they will be supported by the mental health care team when they return the following day.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Related classes include: Thoughts as Triggers, Rational vs Irrational Thinking (expectations & the fear spiral), Mindfulness and Thoughts, Relapse Justifications, Schemas & Rewriting Your Personal Narrative, Be Smart not Strong, Critical Thinking, Keeping Track of Your Thoughts, Power of Positive Thinking, Affirmations, the Cognitive Triad, Recovery Tool Kit (e.g., playing the tape all the way through, reframing, all or nothing thinking, looking at bigger picture).

Intensive Outpatient (IOP)

Our Intensive Outpatient Day Treatment is a comprehensive on-site program designed to provide all of the important elements of alcohol rehab or drug rehab that help lead to lasting sobriety. IOP is a six-hour addiction rehab agenda that includes addiction, behavioral, and mental health services as well as support to the family suffering from the effects of a loved one’s disease of addiction. Our Intensive Outpatient Day Treatment is offered on a daily basis, Monday-Friday, with mornings, afternoon, and evening sessions available.

Detoxification (DTX)

Detoxification cleans the body of the chemicals and toxins related to drug or alcohol use. Sometimes this can be one of the most difficult phases in treatment as you go through the process of withdrawal. We understand that drug and alcohol addiction can be very difficult to overcome on your own, especially in the beginning stages of recovery. At Path to Serenity you or your loved one will work closely with our treatment team and medical doctors to help reduce the impact of the withdrawal symptoms during the detox process. Your health will be monitored to ensure your safety and you will have our trained and experienced staff to provide medical and emotional support during this necessary process to your new journey to sobriety. Not every patient will need to go through the detoxification process. It will be determined if you need this service at the time of your intake assessment. The severity of your addiction, the length of time you have been using or drinking as well as your physical health condition will play a role in determining if you will require detoxification.

Therapies Primary Group Therapy

This is a ninety-minute process group in which patients share their assignments and process individual problems while in a group setting. This group is made up of up to 10 patients and meet five times each week.

Individual Therapy

Patients at Pat to Serenity will meet with their primary therapist for individual therapy for thirty minutes once a week.

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