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Client Testimonials

Our client treatment testimonials and success stories

We value our residents and take pride in providing a great place where they can recover and enjoy a life free from addiction. This is what our clients who graduated from our drug and alcohol treatment facility are saying about us. If you like to share your experience with us, please use the “create your own review” button below to write your own testimonials. Thank you for your support! We are also on Yelp!

The most important thing I can say is…”Thank You, Path to Serenity”. My life was going nowhere fast as each day passed. My body was giving out on me and my mind was constantly frantic as I tried to deal with all the problems that kept happening to me. Now, it’s totally different. I feel like I have a chance to live my own life…a life free from alcohol. Once again, “Thank You, Path to Serenity!”

Joey D., Recovering Alcoholic

Sometimes it’s hard to believe that I’m getting to start over. I prayer for chance at a new life. For me, every day was worst than the last day and it just wasn’t stopping. You see, I tried stopping but I just couldn’t no matter what I did. I tried this and then tried that but nothing worked til I made the call to Path to Serenity. Now, I’m almost 6 months clean and it all started at Path to Serenity.

Sam S., Heroin Addict

I was scared to make the call but I knew I needed to get help. I just couldn’t keep doing what I was doing. Thanks to the team at Path to Serenity guiding me into recovery one day at a time, I now have 90 Days!

Sam J. , Recovery Heroin Addict

I didn’t think I could stop. I didn’t know where to go either. I called Path to Serenity and they immediately got me help and into their program in the same day. That day has changed my life….Thank You, Path to Serenity!

Jerry W. , Recovering Meth User

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