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Path To Serenity

Men’s Drug & Alcohol Treatment Facility

At Path To Serenity For Men, we believe it is never too late to ask for help.

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Men’s Drug & Alcohol Treatment Facility

The answer to reliable treatment for you or your loved ones surrounded by an impeccable, highly trained team of advisors, therapists, and medical staff committed to your sobriety. Making our facility one of the best in the United States. We have the highest percentage of successful sobriety for those who are committed to getting their lives back.

About Us

Path To Serenity Drug and Alcohol Residential Treatment Facility offers full service addiction treatments in an environment that revitalizes our clients.


We strive to provide a remarkable experience during your stay with us, that means our upscale accomadations are the finest around.

Community Awareness

In an effort to shed light on Drug an Alcohol abuse in our community, our awareness group is bringing the information to you!

Payment Options

The time is now. Check what payment options are available to you to begin the best in drug and alcohol treatment.
Begin Your Journey To Sobriety Now

The time is now. There are options available to you. Call now and speak with our admissions department to get the reliable treatment you deserve.

Whether father, brother, son, CEO, attorney, physician, or student, it is our belief that anyone struggling with addiction deserves the opportunity to recover and heal their life.Our in

Our individualized attention to each of our clients starts with an evaluation as you first get admitted. Our highly trained clinicians will do an assessment and based on the type of drug of choice, the length of your addiction, the number of relapses will give them vital information about the individual treatment required for each client.  Each of our facilities are united in our sincere encouragement of peace, tranquility and serenity.

Path To Serenity’s commitment is to provide the tools necessary in assisting our clients back to a path where they are able to sustain a balanced life with the individualized care, respect, love, and caring they deserve. It is our  trained clinical teams mission to tailor a personal treatment plan that will meet the needs of you or your loved ones.   

I was scared to make the call but I knew I needed to get help. I just couldn’t keep doing what I was doing. THanks to the team at Path to Serenity guiding me into recovery one day at a time, I now have over 90 days! Sam J.

Recovering Heroin Addict

Yes, You Can




I didn’t think I could stop. I didn’t know where to go either. I called Path to Serenity and they immediately got me help and into their program in the same day.  That day has changed my life…Thank you Path To Serenity! Jerry W.

Recovering Meth Addict

Everybody’s rock bottom is different…I was homeless, living in and out of motels, knowing I couldn’t live this way, but I was too defeated to ask for help…

Lisa Cohen

Recovering Addict

“We believe in you when you think no one else does, we will see it can, when you may not. We are the shoulder you will want to lean on.”

Carmella Bailey

COO, Path To Serenity

It is our pleasure to provide the light on your journey to the hope of a future where you are catapulted to your own successful sobriety. Izzy Hirson

CEO, Path To Serenity

The hardest part of this will be the first step in the right direction, by making the decision to change and turn your life around.  We’re here for you. It’s what we do…”

Travis Taylor

Clinical Director, Path To Serenity

Our Admissions Team is standing by:  800.274.2740

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